What is the shelf life of Bronson Hot Dogs?

Bronson hot dogs are shipped with a refrigerated shelf life of 4-5 weeks.

Hot dogs can be frozen for up to six months. Please allow 24 hours in a fridge to thaw out before putting frozen hot dogs in the steamer. After thawing, hot dogs should be consumed within five days.


Can you deliver to my location?

Bronson Hot Dogs has an extensive distribution network covering most of Victoria . We deliver within Metropolitan Melbourne every day of the week. Most regional areas in Victoria receive deliveries twice a week. 


Do you supply hot dog rolls?

We encourage all our customers to source fresh rolls from their local supplier.


What types of hot dogs do you sell?

Bronson Hot Dogs sells four types of hot dogs:

  • Premium Skin On hot dogs are 25mm in diameter, 200mm (eight inches) long. There are 120 Premium hot dogs to a box.
  • Value Skin On hot dogs are 21mm in diameter, 200mm (eight inches) long. There are 160 Value hot dogs to a box.
  • Skinless Hot Dogs are 21mm in diameter, 200mm (eight inches) long. There are 160 Skinless hot dogs to a box.
  • Pork Free Premium Hot Dogs are 25mm in diameter, 200mm (eight inches) long. There are 120 Pork Free hot dogs to a box.


How do I choose the right hot dog to sell?

When we visit your store we will evaluate your customer base to help you determine the best hot dog to sell.


Can I use my own hot dog supplier?

Bronson Hot Dogs provide you with one of our quality steamers on the condition you only purchase hot dogs from us.


What if my hot dog steamer breaks down?

Our steamers are extremely reliable but, in the event of a failure, we will have a replacement machine to you usually within 24 hours.


What is your delivery schedule?

In Metropolitan Melbourne we can deliver hot dogs every day of the working week. Most regional areas can have deliveries twice a week.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we do not expect you to sign a contract. However we do ask you to sign a site agreement which confirms you understand how to operate and maintain our steamer and confirms you will only use hot dogs supplied by Bronson Hot Dogs.


Is there a minimum order?

No, we don’t have a minimum order. Please note that hot dogs can only be supplied by the carton. We cannot split cartons due to health department requirements.


Can you supply a steamer for one-off events?

Yes, we are happy to provide a Bronson Hot Dogs Steamer for your special event. Of course we will ask that you also buy your hot dog stock from us.


Can I buy hot dogs without using one of your machines?

Yes, Bronson Hot Dogs are of the highest quality, manufactured by a local smallgoods specialist. We have many customers who choose to buy their hot dogs without using one of our steamers.


Is my site suitable for a Bronson Hot Dog Steamer?

If you are committed to selling hot dogs, your site is probably suited to having a Bronson Hot Dog steamer. Please give us a call and we will visit your site to determine which machine and which hot dogs are best for your business. Of course your site will need to have a food handling licence.